Independent & Emotional

Sums me up to a tee.

“This is what it means to be independent: you make your own decisions, you stand on your own two feet, you pull yourself up when you fall down, and you have your shit together.

You have always been this way, always been okay on your own. You have never been afraid to go solo and to trust yourself. And you are continually looking for ways to be even more self-sufficient, to carve your own life path, to do what you want.

But you also love. And love terribly, beautifully, fully. You love with a passion that’s sickening. A consuming, knotting, mess of emotion that interweaves you with another person. A love that twists your feelings, throws you upside-down, and makes you put your faith and stubbornness and fiercely-independent self in the hands of this other person.

Because of this, you live in a constant state of tension.

There are two things you want—to be your own person and to love—but you want them just as equally. You crave that sense of self, the ability to not have to depend on anyone else for the life you want. But when you love, you mesh your life with another person’s. Willingly. Happily. The path you have set for yourself becomes tangled with that person’s. And this both thrills and terrifies you.

Your world then becomes an inner battle. You quiet your stubborn mind and give into love. You find yourself curling into this person’s lap like a puppy, craving his touch, his kiss. Falling. You become the woman that confides in a man, the woman that leans on a man when she’s feeling lost, the woman that thinks of this man equally, if not before, herself. This is beautiful. This is love.

But then you suddenly balk. You feel weak, dependent, breakable. You have become the woman that let a man in, who trusted him, who can easily be crushed by the same hands that touch her. So you swing to the other side. You pull away. You spend time alone, just recharging, remembering that sense of self. Letting go.

Neither side makes you fully happy. Neither side leaves you feeling complete. You cannot seem to find a balance because you crave both things so equally. And so you live in this place of tension—what you want and who you are, what you are becoming and yet so scared to be.

You are an independent woman. A woman with a strong heart and passionate soul. You cannot let go of that part of you, the part that decides for herself, finds strength in her ability to stand alone. Yet you cannot be afraid to love. You cannot be afraid to embrace that ridiculously emotional side of you, the side that blends your strength with your passion. The side that makes you whole.

You are not complete without both—without the strength you carry, without the tears and words and kisses you freely give. You are a strong woman. You are an emotional woman. You are a perfect mix of both.”

By Marisa Donnelly from Thought Catalog


“I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I’ve become arrogant, but simply because I reached a point in my life where I do not want to waste more time with what displeases me or hurts me. I have no patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and demands of any nature. I lost the will to please those who do not like me, to love those who do not love me and to smile at those who do not want to smile at me.
I no longer spend a single minute on those who lie or want to manipulate. I decided not to coexist anymore with pretense, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise. I do not tolerate selective erudition nor academic arrogance. I do not adjust either to popular gossiping. I hate conflict and comparisons. I believe in a world of opposites and that’s why I avoid people with rigid and inflexible personalities. In friendship I dislike the lack of loyalty and betrayal. I do not get along with those who do not know how to give a compliment or a word of encouragement. Exaggerations bore me and I have difficulty accepting those who do not like animals. And on top of everything I have no patience for anyone who does not deserve my patience.”

Art by @danahsaurus



“Eventually all of us are broken for a little while. We share that bond as humans who makes mistakes and who suffer at the hands of other people. We shouldn’t be ashamed; this is part of life. The problem is when we become so ashamed of how broken we are, or we become so impatient about being in this situation, that we try to throw ourselves back together again. We rush around our scattered pieces, we try to match them up as best we can and places band aids everywhere, hoping this will do until we find a more permanent solution. We put on a happy face, say that we are fine, and we keep moving forward, despite how internally we just want to sit here awhile.

Because sometimes, being broken will show you more about yourself than you ever thought possible. You shouldn’t try to rush past it in order to look like you have it all together. Because when you do heal, when you really are okay, when you manage to become whole again, the world is going to have something to reckon with.”

Daily Mantra

Daily Mantra

“You are the books you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you meet, the dreams you have, the conversations you engage in. You are what you take from these. You are the sound of the ocean, the breath of fresh air, the brightest light and the darkest corner. You are a collective of every experience you have had in your life. You are every single second of every single day. So drown yourself in a sea of knowledge and existence. Let the words run through your veins and let the colors fill your mind until there is nothing left to do but explode. There are no wrong answers. Inspiration is everything. Sit back, relax, and take it all in.

Now, go out and create something.” 

—Jac Vanek





“Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they’re meant to be.”

self LOVE


My beloved child, break your heart no longer.

Each time you judge yourself, you break your own heart;

you stop feeding on the love which is the wellspring of your vitality.

The time has come. Your time to live, to celebrate.

And to see the goodness that you are.

You, my child, are Divine. You are pure. You are sublimely free.

You are God in disguise and you’re always perfectly safe.

Do not fight the dark, just turn on the light.

Let go and Breathe in to Goodness that you are.

~Swami Kripalu

The other island that has my heart

The other island that has my heart

Bermuda will always hold a special place in my heart.  It has been two years since I called the little island home for about 10 months.  I miss all of my friends there, and the way the warm turquoise ocean and breathtaking scenery of the island made me feel.  I miss waking up to the most spectacular pink and orange sunrises, and the smell of the salty clean air in my face whenever I was on a boat.  Bermuda is where I learned to step out of my comfort zone.  Where I tried new things, and embraced the adventurous side of myself that I suppressed for so long.  I learned how to be more independent, strong, and most important of all-how to appreciate life and all it has to offer.


5 Things You Should Know About A Woman Who Doesn’t Need You

5 Things You Should Know About A Woman Who Doesn’t Need You

*everything about this article sums up who I am and how much I value being independent

Article By Heather Parks from Elite Daily

What exactly makes an “independent” woman? This can mean anything, depending on whom you ask, but let’s start somewhere, shall we?

The independently-minded woman lives by her own rules, likes to make decisions for herself and tends to be very particular about what she wants.

She can be feminist in attitude, while in keeping with its conventional definition, champions true equality of the sexes.

Emma Watson put it beautifully in her United Nations speech, when she said, “It is time we all perceive gender on a spectrum, not as two opposing sets of ideals.”

In fact, bringing others into our lives presents an important opportunity to exercise our independence in a productive way.

While the independent mindset can fall under a wide range of definitions, there are a few things with which we tend to universally identify.

1. We don’t mind spending time by ourselves.

In fact, we require alone time occasionally in order to reset. It gives us time to reflect, as we tend to be very introspective about who we are and what we want. We like to assess where things are and perhaps where we’d like to see them go.

We find peace in understanding not only our own needs, but those of our partners, as well. We may, at times, focus a little bit too much on the future but only for fear of creating distractions from our often-ambitious personal goals.

We need to feel comfortable with our relationships because we recognize them as significant investments of both time and emotion.

2. We take commitment very seriously.

We see relationships as initiatives that require work and beg 110 percent from both people. We take commitment to an overall relationship very seriously, but we take commitment to the individual even more seriously.

We carefully consider the emotional cost of jumping into a relationship so we can make productive decisions. We value relationships as opportunities to grow with someone who pushes us to be better individuals, so we choose them wisely.

This obviously does not mean we think all relationships are life-sucking obligations; we just want to ensure they’re given the attention we think they deserve.

3. We value our social lives outside of the relationships.

Nothing stresses us out more than the thought of not having our own friends. We need unique social lives aside from those created within the relationship.

It presents an important opportunity to grow independently of our partners and gain insight from our non-romantic counterparts who know us just as well, if not better.

These social lives are inclusive of the personal hobbies we may enjoy to help maintain our mental and physical well-beings and to give us that essential alone time to reflect, as well.

4. We are career- and goal-oriented.

One of the most defining characteristics of an independent woman is her drive to make her own money and to make a living entirely from her own hard work. The feeling of accomplishment to us is a high we need to earn by ourselves.

This does not go to say we don’t appreciate being treated to nice things once in a while, but we welcome the challenge of repaying the favor.

5. We appreciate a true gentleman.

To those true gentlemen out there, we sincerely applaud you. You are the ones who prove to us that chivalry is, in fact, not dead. Our hearts flutter when men hold the door for us, keep us warm when it’s cold, kiss us gently just because or tell us how beautiful we are.

We tend to maintain more of a traditional view of how a man should treat a woman and we pick it out of a crowd as if a sixth sense.

We may be reluctant to accept gifts, tangible or not, but we are truly grateful when we do because we recognize the work that goes into affording such things. These are the men for whom we hold out.