“Eventually all of us are broken for a little while. We share that bond as humans who makes mistakes and who suffer at the hands of other people. We shouldn’t be ashamed; this is part of life. The problem is when we become so ashamed of how broken we are, or we become so impatient about being in this situation, that we try to throw ourselves back together again. We rush around our scattered pieces, we try to match them up as best we can and places band aids everywhere, hoping this will do until we find a more permanent solution. We put on a happy face, say that we are fine, and we keep moving forward, despite how internally we just want to sit here awhile.

Because sometimes, being broken will show you more about yourself than you ever thought possible. You shouldn’t try to rush past it in order to look like you have it all together. Because when you do heal, when you really are okay, when you manage to become whole again, the world is going to have something to reckon with.”


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